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Airports / Railway Station

success stories of airport

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport -- Hangzhou.China
Chongqing Jiangbei Airport Fiber Optic System -- Chongqing.China
Fuzhou ChangLe Airport Fiber Optic System -- Fuzhou.China
Civil Aviation Administration of Shanghai -- Shanghai.China
Hongqiao International Airport Fiber Optic System -- Shanghai.China
NingBo Airport Fiber Optic System -- Ningbo.China
Xiamen International Airport Fiber Optic System -- Xiamen.China
Hangzhou City Railway Station -- Hangzhou.China
Hangzhou East Railway Station -- Hangzhou.China
... ....

Highway / Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

success stories of ITS

Huhang Highway (Shang to Hangzhou) -- P.R.China
Hangqian Highway (Hangzhou to Qiandaohu) -- P.R.China
Hangyong Highway (Hangzhou to Ningbo) -- P.R.China
ITS in Hangzhou Jianggan District -- P.R.China
ITS in Hangzhou Bingjiang District -- P.R.China
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Jinghua -- P.R.China
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Pinghu -- P.R.China
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Jinghua -- P.R.China
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Pinghu -- P.R.China
... ...

Government / Education

success stories of Government

Beijing Olympic Games venues Surveillance -- Beijing.China
Shanghai World Expo venues Surveillance -- Shanghai.China
Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium Surveillance -- Hangzhou.China
Wuhan Liberation Park Security Surveillance -- Wuhan.China
Yangzhou Stadium Security Surveillance -- Yangzhou.China
Hangzhou Business College Campus Surveillance -- Hangzhou.China
Suzhou University Campus Surveillance -- Suzhou.China
Shanghai Tongji University campus Surveillance -- Shanghai.China
Henan Polytechnic University campus Surveillance -- Henan.China
... ...

City Public Security Surveillance

success stories of City Public Security

Shanghai Minghang District City Surveillance -- Shanghai.China
Jiaxing City Public Security Surveillance -- Jiaxing.China
Haining City Public Security Surveillance -- Haining.China
Wenzhou City Public Security Surveillance -- Wenzhou.China
Xiamen Haicang District City Public Security -- Xiamen.China
Xiamen Bingbei District City Public Security -- Xiamen.China
Quangzhou City Public Security Surveillance -- Quangzhou.China
Changzhou City Public Security Surveillance -- Changzhou.China
Wuxi City Public Security Surveillance -- Wuxi.China
... ...

Industrial / Commercial

success stories of Industrial

Liaoning back-to-back Substation Surveillance --Liaoning.China
Hubei Jingmen Substation Security Surveillance -- Hubei.China
Henan Nanyang Substation Security Surveillance -- Henan.China
Shanghai Petrochemical Depot Surveillance -- Shanghai.China
Changzhou TieBen Iron and Steel Plant Surveillance - Changzhou
Nanjing Iron and Steel Plant Surveillance -- Nanjing.China
Tongling Coal Mine Security Surveillance -- Tongling.China
Zhengzhou Jing-rong-Commerce Center Surveillance -- Zhengzhou
Hefei Department Store Logistics Center Surveillance -- Hefei.China
... ...

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