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Hangzhou Bay Bridge Selects VOSCOM' Fiber Optic Systems to the Security Surveillance
Fiber Optic transmission for Bridge

May 20, 2008

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world - 36 kilometres long. And that is designed with the maximum speed of 120km/hour, two-way 6 lanes, and the roadbed width of 35 meters. The bridge connects the municipalities of Shanghai and Ningbo in Zhejiang province, shortens the distance between Shanghai and Ningbo by 120 km and driving time from 4 to 2 hours.

The Project
With one general control center and a large number of sub control centers spread throughout the region's entrance points, each center uses video, data audio and LAN systems for its internal and external communications. The customer needs to network the matrix systems within those centers in order to share all the video sources. The project was split into phases - phase 1 involved in networking four sub-control centers with the general control center.

The Challenge
The available infrastructure offered just one single-mode fiber and the transmission distances extended to 70km. To complicate things further, the transmission requirement was complex and high volume: Three sub-control centers transmitting: 32 video with 1 bi-direction audio channels, 1 bi-direction data and a 10/100M LAN over 30KM . One sub-control center transmitting: 64 video with 4 bi-directional audio channels, 1 bi-directional data and 4 independent 10/100M LANs over 70KM.

Our Solution
Whilst a number of companies were invited to test in the field, only the VOSCOM' Fiber Optic Video Transmission solution was capable of handling the high volume and complexity of traffic reliably. Our solution used CWDM (Coarse Wave length Division Multiplexing) to increase the signal density and offered 4U rack-mount units to give the greatest degree of flexibility over the limited fiber.
The system was put into operation in May 2008; today, it is still providing high quality video over the long distances and continues to perform well in the field.

VOSCOM TECHNOLOGIES specializes in the design, development, supply and manufacture of advanced Fiber Optic Converter . Our range of Fiber Optic Video Converter products include Fiber Optic Video/Audio/Data Transmission, Fiber Optic VGA/DVI/HDMI Transmission, Fiber Optic SDI/ASI/HD-SDI Transmission, Fiber Optic Media Converter, and a full range of accessories. Our products have been extensively used in security surveillance, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS ), Broadcast and Multimedia Video, Process Control, Video conferencing ,etc.
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