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Hangzhou Department of Transportation Selects VOSCOM' Fiber Optic Systems for Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
Fiber Optic Transmission for ITS

January 16, 2007

Regular upgrades to the Hangzhou Department of Transportation(HZDOT) equipment continue to make the city's streets safer. HZDOT has chosen Fiber Optic Transmission Systems over other technologies to optimize the flow of traffic in the city, thereby improving safety and minimizing congestion and delays.

The department has done this by installing a combination of VOSCOM' fiber optic transmission products. An official at HZDOT says, "Making use of the latest technologies is part of our strategy to better manage traffic. Our transportation system, one of the busiest in the country, needs innovative and high-quality products of cutting-edge companies such as VOSCOM Technologies."

HZDOT utilizes various VOSCOM' fiber optic transmission with numerous combinations of simplex and duplex video, audio and data. Systems are used for both single-mode and multi-mode operation, with transmission distance capability extending to 70km without repeaters. With VOSCOM' fiber optic video transmission products, city and traffic officials monitor the stop lights and traffic flow on the roads at numerous hub locations such as Yan'an Road and the Shangtang viaduct.

This is done with a combination of optical transmission systems, enabling clear and reliable Video and Audio monitoring as well as remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality. Signals travel over extended distances to the Automatic Traffic Surveillance and Control Center located in the City Hall of Hangzhou. Having the ability to view busy areas allows officials to respond immediately with changes in traffic flow to reduce accidents and increase public safety.

HZDOT future plans consist of continuous upgrades to current optical systems. For example, HZDOT has recently expanded an existing system into the HuangLong Stadium area with numerous additional cameras in the surrounding streets to address rising security concerns. HZDOT also has present plans to use VOSCOM's newest multi-signal digital video, audio and data transmission platform entirely configurable on-line at

VOSCOM's fiber optic platform would serve as a significant upgrade to current systems, offering unprecedented broadcast quality video transmission at the HZDOT Automatic Traffic Surveillance and Control Center. Bob Xu, senior engineer at HZDOT says, "I buy Voscom because I know that no matter what, the product will work the first time. It doesn't seem to matter how far the cameras are from the hub. To say that Voscom is reliable is an understatement."

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