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VOSCOM Enhances Fiber Optic Product Line With 8-Bit Digitally Encoded Video Transmission Transceivers
Fiber Optic transmission

December 12, 2008

VOSCOM TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LIMITED (VOSCOM), the security industry’s leading independent supplier of fiber optic transmission systems for security applications, has unveiled several new point-to-point fiber optic transmission solutions here at Security China 2008. The new products include a selection of fiber optic video transceiver with features that include low cost multi-mode or single-mode 8-Bit Digitally Encoded Video over fiber transmission, bi-directional communications and multi-channel capacity. The new products reaffirm Vosom Technologies’ commitment to legacy systems and its core product technologies.

Fiber optic transmission systems have proven to be a highly efficient means of transmitting video, audio and data on both analog and IP platforms” said Jack Zhang, President and CEO of VOSCOM. “Voscom Technologies will continue to develop and expand our core point-to-point fiber optic transmission products while we actively pursue innovative ways to enhance fiber optic transmission systems.”

In support of its new direction and steadfast commitment to legacy systems and existing customers, Voscom Technologies is introducing the following at Security China 2008:

VOS-1000FT/R Series Low Cost Fiber Optic Video Transmission Products with 8-bit digital video providing enhanced single-mode or multi-mode performance in module or rack mount configurations and compatibility with VOSCOM’s VOS-CH02 or VOS-CH04 racking systems.

VOS-1010FDT/R and VOS1020FDT/R Series Single Fiber Bi-directional Transceivers with 8-bit digital video and one or two channels of bi-directional multi-protocol data available in module or rack mount configurations.

VOS-4000FT/R (4 channel Video) and VOS-8000FT/R (8 channel Video) Multi-Channel Systems featuring 8-bit digital video, for low cost single-mode or multi-mode operation, module or rack mount configurations.

VOS-4010FDT/R (4 channel Video) and VOS-8010FDT/R (8 channel Video) Series Single Fiber Bi-directional fiber optic transceiver with one or two channels of multi-protocol data, 8-bit digital video for low cost single-mode or multi-mode operation, module or rack mount configurations, and compatibility with VOSCOM’s VOS-CH04 racking systems.

VOSCOM TECHNOLOGIES specializes in the design, development, supply and manufacture of advanced Fiber Optic Transceiver. Our range of Fiber Optic Video Transceiver products include Fiber Optic Video/Audio/Data Transmission, Fiber Optic VGA/DVI/HDMI Transmission, Fiber Optic SDI/ASI/HD-SDI Transmission, Fiber Optic Media Converter, and a full range of accessories. Our products have been extensively used in security surveillance, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS ), Broadcast and Multimedia Video, Process Control, Video conferencing ,etc.
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